Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kindergarten Informational Non-Fiction Report Writing

Our class had a lot of fun learning about Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, and Zebras. We spent a week learning about these mammals. Students then worked cooperatively in small groups to complete their individual report as well as their group poster that included facts and pictures brought in from home. They did a wonderful job!

View updated report templates here:



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I love this and would love a copy!

Lauren Blackmon

Can I please get a copy too????


I also LOVE this and would like a copy if at all possible. It would be most appreciated.

Heather Shelton

This is awesome. We are starting our research projects this week. I too would love a copy if possible. Thank you!

Kristal Jaggers

I would love a copy.

Kelly Larocca

This is amazing!!! I would LOVE a copy if possible!!! Thankssss


I love your outlines... We are starting this reaserch in a few weeks. If you are willing to share I would also love a copy.

miss dongarra's

This is great, could I please have a copy? Thanks

Dena McCloskey

How do I get a copy? This is great!

Mrs. Milham's Kindergarten Class

This is the best by far for a layout on animal research. I would love a copy to use with my class. Thanks!!

J Fowler

Awesome work! Can you please send me a copy? Thanks!

Meaghan McGuire

Just starting in a Kindergarten class next week! This is phenomenal! Is there a possibility you would be willing to share this wonderful resource?
Thank you!

Debbi Cooler

Love it! We are beginning a project where the students will write informational pieces on various animals. May I have a copy to use with my class?
Thank you!

Miss Hensley

How wonderful! If you are sharing, I would LOVE copies!


I would also love a copy if you are sharing!
Thank you!


This is amazing! My kindergarten class is going to the zoo and we will be learning about all the animals at the zoo. Your writing report would be perfect for it. Is there any way you could share this with me to use with them? Thanks for sharing your ideas!


Sarah Reese

I love your layout for the writing!

If you are sharing, I would love to have a copy. :)

Thank you!



Could I get a copy as well?


Would it be possible to get a copy of this also? It would be appreciated! Thank you,
Laura Tiffany

zohreh Amini
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zohreh Amini

May I also have a copy if still possible? Highly appreciated! Lovely kiddos and hard working teacher <3.

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